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This site presents an overview spanning over fifty (50) years of my work writing, illustrating, editing children’s books and promoting reading among children throughout Israel. 

WRITING:   I have authored more than forty (40) books; wrote articles on various aspects of children’s literature; critiqued children’s books in magazines for teachers

ILLUSTRATING: I have illustrated several hundreds of books, including my own books and those of others; educational booklets; games; children’s magazines; newspapers and three volumes of the Hebrew Encyclopedia

EDITING:  I have edited children’s books and for twelve years was editor-in-chief of a popular children’s bi-weekly magazine.

PROMOTING READING: I have participated in various programs aimed at getting young people to read; conducted writing workshops and meetings with children and parents around the country; visited classrooms as a "guest writer" where I explained the process of creating a book from the idea to the finished product; gave interactive lectures in schools and seminars on style, illustration, the sources of inspiration, and the use of vocabulary.

AWARDS:  The LAMDAN award of the Ramat Gan Municipality for children literature (1988) and The Ministry of Culture Prize for Children’s Literature for the year 2010 for my professional contribution to the Israeli children literature.



Original Books   Written and illustrated by me;
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Book Abstracts   Abstracts in English of a few books of the books listed above.

Translations of books   into Hebrew from classics of other languages;

Adaptations of Fables  of La Fontaine (14 fables) and from ancient Hebrew origin into rhyming modern language;

Poems (verse)

Children Songs –

Playing and activation material for children

Children Magazines  
I was the Editor of PILON Children Magazine for 12 years and wrote many stories and illustrations for this magazine and a few others.
[List of children magazines which I edited and in which my stories and illustrations were printed] 


Illustrations to books written by me and various Israeli writers
List of books   A partial list of books illustrated by me.
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Book Covers   for my and other's books; – Partial list
Illustrations from books   [Just roll and enjoy]
Exhibitions   – A list of exhibitions in Israel and in the world in which I participated.
Paintings    exhibited in national and international exhibitions;
Drawings   and illustrations on many subjects

Paper Cutouts – I used this technique for illustration of many of my works
Song of Songs

 Drawings for animated films – prepared for the Israeli television
 Animated stories (6)
 Animated songs (2)


Nurit reads from her books as part of a reading promotion site
Articles and book reviews on Children Literature; On Writing, Illustrating and the relations between the two;
Article Content – in English of some of the articles
Lectures on children literature

Meetings with school children   – mainly through educational programs such as Guest-Writer or Sal-Tarbut (a Basket of Culture).
Letter of invitation by the school.
List of subjects for the meetings in school – for the teacher or school master to decide
Preparation Questions for the pupils


Recording of interviews with me on public media
Critics written about my books in news papers and literature magazines.

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