life story

My Life Story

I was born in Tel Aviv in 1940 but grew up in Jerusalem, as had seven previous generations of my mother's family.

From early childhood, even before I learned to write, I loved playing with words. In the absence of other children in the neighborhood, as our house stood alone on the edge of a l huge field, I told my stories to the garden cats, who never criticized them. Later, in school, I would sometimes do my homework in rhymes.

I started my professional career as an illustrator of the Hebrew Encyclopedia (volumes 16-17-18), published by Massada publishing house.

When Israel Television was established in 1968, I joined the founding crew of ITV as deputy-manager of art services. I dealt mainly with children’s programs and did the illustrations for the weekly production of the “Samy and Susu” program.

In 1969, I moved with my family to Tel Aviv, where I became a free-lancer. For eight years I illustrated the children’s magazine Davar L’yeladim and other magazines and productions for children.

From 1983 to 1995 I was editor-in-chief of a bi-weekly children’s magazine, Pilon.  Part of the time the job also included editing Piloni, for pre-schoolers. In all my work, I put the emphasis on the individual and aimed to acquaint the readers with classic children’s literature, basic science concepts, illustrations and humor as useful tools for life.

In tandem with this work, I wrote and illustrated my own original books and illustrated as well, books of other writers; designed games; prepared creativity enhancing booklets; edited and translated books; participated in graphic exhibitions, published articles on children’s literature and met with schoolchildren all over the country.

AFFILIATIONS:  The Hebrew Writers Association, The Israel Illustrators Association, The Israeli section of IBBY – The International Board on Books for Young people, and founding member of 'Somalion' – the organization of children’s authors and poets in Israel