On writing, illustrating and their interrelations
and on promotion of literacy among children
A selection 

Humor and Irony in Children Literature
The Power of Laughter – Humor as a medication against stings and as an efficient tool in confronting troubles. 

Illustrated Fantasy, Principles and Needs
The hiding place of the spirit and its expression in illustrations.  A glimpse into the imaginary space where the creator and the receiver meet. 

The Dialogue between the Text and the Illustration
Artists working in the two languages tell their ways to present a subject in order to combine a complete unit called "Book". 

Animals in the Service of Morals
Fable as means for indicating positive ways of behavior without causing antagonistic reaction. Focus on the Fox Fables of Rabbi Berechia of the 12th century (Retold in modern Hebrew by me). 

Did it really happen?  The stumbling block in the process of writing one's own biography – the need to reconcile blurred recollections with historical facts.  Thoughts that accompanied my work on my book "Paper Life". [See abstract under "Books' Abstracts"] 

Cat's Cradle
Illustrating a story with various physical means, other than a pencil. 

Do we really have to close the bookshop?
About  the place of the Art of making Books in a changing world. 

From the painters brush to digital means
Reflections of an illustrator in the process of transition from the familiar pencil, brush and charcoal to the tools of the digital world. 

Reading books in the age of the Internet
Crystallized  thoughts in the wake of reading my book "www.azazel" [See abstract under  "Books' Abstracts "] 

A Story is not Words Alone
To Look and Observe; Encouraging literacy of Illustrations.